Getting to Know Crown Street Roasting Company

Getting to Know Crown Street Roasting Company

At Crown Street Roasting Company, we believe that coffee isn’t just a drink; it’s a catalyst for greatness and a connector of people. Let us take you on a journey to discover who we are, what we stand for, and how we’re brewing up something special in Jamestown.

Our Founding Story

In 2017, Crown Street Roasting Company was established and later acquired in 2023 by coffee enthusiasts Nick Certo and his wife, Mikayla Certo. Nick’s journey into the world of coffee began six years ago when he started working as a barista. Fast forward to today, and they are proud owners of a thriving coffee business in the heart of Jamestown. 

Our Coffee Philosophy

At Crown Street Roasting Company, we view coffee as more than just a beverage; it’s the fuel that powers your aspirations and the catalyst of community that brings people together. We’re dedicated to using cutting-edge technology and the best industry practices to craft a superior coffee experience for our customers. But beyond that, we’re committed to a never-ending journey of learning and improvement.

Sourcing Excellence

Our coffee beans come from all corners of the globe, and we take great care to emphasize the unique character of each origin. We believe that the journey of a coffee bean, from the farm to your cup, should be celebrated, and the flavors and stories from different countries should shine through in every sip.

Our Products and Offerings

Enjoy expertly brewed, in-house-roasted coffee and espresso drinks. Start your day with our delectable breakfast options or savor a satisfying lunch featuring sandwiches made with the freshest ingredients that can be enjoyed at the shop or on the go. Can’t get enough of our coffee? Take it home with you – we offer retail coffee beans. If you’re a business looking to enhance your coffee offerings, explore our carefully sourced and roasted beans available for wholesale. Join us in our cozy cafe and connect over great coffee and food.

Community Matters

We’re not just passionate about coffee; we’re deeply rooted in our community. Jamestown holds a special place in our hearts, and we’re dedicated to giving back by donating to local causes and making a positive impact. When you enjoy a cup of Crown Street Roasting Company coffee, you’re supporting not just a business but a shared love for Jamestown and a commitment to the local community.

In the coming months and years, we have exciting plans in store. We’re constantly exploring new ways to elevate your coffee experience and deepen our connection with the community we cherish.

Join us on this journey, and let’s share great coffee, forge meaningful connections, and celebrate the remarkable community that is Jamestown!

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